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The first four letters of Talkeetna spell talk! 


KTNA - 88.9 FM

The staff and volunteers at Talkeetna's local public radio station, KTNA.  Click to enlarge photo.
Talkeetna Community Radio, (KTNA 88.5 FM) is the local public radio station in Talkeetna.  It provides NPR programming, local news, music shows with local DJs, and bush messages for those without phones, called "Denali Echoes."


Alaska Folk School

Picture of paddles made in Paddle-making class at Alaska Folk School
Talkeetna's new folk school offers classes all year long. Classes are taught by local and Alaskan artists for a variety of hands-on learning experiences.


Denali Arts Council Actors in a Denali Drama production.  Click to enlarge photo.
The Denali Arts Council is Talkeetna's performing arts organization, providing a venue for plays, musical events, films, private gatherings, and fundraisers in the renovated Don Sheldon Community Arts Hangar in downtown Talkeetna. In the summer, travelers can use the Hangar's public bathroom facilities.


Talkeetna Wild Woods Park Playground
The Talkeetna Community Playground Project is a volunteer effort imagined by children and built in 2008 by the community for Talkeetna and it�s visitors to enjoy for years to come. We are a non-profit organization operating as a committee of the Talkeetna Community Council.  Designed for children 2-12 years old, it was built adjacent to the library. The "playground build" was a legendary occasion simultaneously involving hundeds of locals. Whether you have kids or not, we recommend a visit - it's a magical place!


Talkeetna Historical Society Museum
Talkeetna Historical Society Museum.  Click to enlarge photo.
3D display of the Alaska Range, Bradford Washburn photos, and history, history, history!  The museum is a great activity for a rainy day.  It seems like every time you go inside, you find something new, taking you back to the days of homesteading and gold mining.


Talkeetna Ranger Station The Talkeetna Ranger Station offers free programs in the summer.
Climbers attempting to summit Mt. McKinley register with the National Park Service here.  Free slide shows and interactive presentations.  Schedules are posted at the Talkeetna Ranger Station and on the Post Office bulletin board


Bear Necessities
Keeping bears wild and people safe
Visit Bear Necessities' website to learn more about how to coexist peacefully with local bears.  Click to enlarge photo.
The explosion in summer tourism in Talkeetna has led to an increase in exposed garbage, attracting bears.  The summer of 2001 resulted in several bears ending up getting killed.  Bear Necessities is a grass roots organization that formed to work, through education and action, to promote bear- aware human behavior in order to minimize conflict between people and bears.


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