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Free Stuff-To-Do in Talkeetna

Settle into your Talkeetna B&B or cabin and spend a few days poking around Talkeetna.  Even if you're on a budget, there is plenty to explore!


Talkeetna Community Playground - The Talkeetna Community Playground Project is a volunteer effort imagined by children and built in 2008 by the community for Talkeetna and it's visitors to enjoy for years to come. We are a non-profit organization operating as a committee of the Talkeetna Community Council.  Designed for children 2-12 years old, it was built adjacent to the library. The "playground build" was a legendary occasion simultaneously involving hundeds of locals. Whether you have kids or not, we recommend a visit - it's a magical place!

Talkeetna Historical Society Museum
- 3D display of the Alaska Range, Bradford Washburn photos, and history, history, history!  (not free, but almost...)

Self-guided Walking Tour  - You can pick up a map at the Historical Society Museum.

Talkeetna Cemetery - Wander through an unusual small-town cemetery.  Look at each grave... they'll make you think.  The cemetery also houses the Mountain Climber Memorial.

River Sandbar Walk - Take a walk to the end of Main Street and keep going straight. In 30 seconds you'll be standing at the confluence of the Talkeetna, Susitna, and Chulitna Rivers, with a gorgeous view of Mt. McKinley and the Alaska Railroad bridge over the Talkeetna River. It can be a great spot to try your luck at fishing, too!

Dog Watching - Just sit on a bench on Main Street, with an ice cream cone or a hot dog from Gail's Stand, and watch the dog life.  It's the best entertainment around!

Local Street Musicians - If you're lucky, you'll catch local musicians performing outdoors on Main Street or in the Village Park on a warm sunny day.  If you like what you hear, be sure to buy a CD or toss something in the hat.  Musicians often live on a shoestring, and they always appreciate the support of their art!

Kahiltna Birchworks - Free tours demonstrating how Dulce and Michael collect and process their delicious birch syrup from local trees. Located at Mile 1.1 of the Talkeetna Spur Rd. The shop also offers free tastings of various birch syrups and related confections. Phone is (907) 733-1409.

Don Sheldon Community Arts Hangar - Attend events and art gallery viewings at the home of the Denali Arts Council and Denali Drama Theater. This link goes to a current Denali Arts Council Calendar of Events. The Talkeetna community has worked to transform this historical airplane hanger into a bona fide theater, after 22 years of holding plays, poetry readings, and other events in every corner of town that would let them happen.  It's located across the street from the historical museum. It's a charming home for theatrical, musical, fine art and many more community based events. There are public restrooms there- open from 9AM to 9PM during the tourist season. There is also an outdoor market several days a week outside the Hangar.

Fairview Inn - Local wildlife at the Historic Fairview Inn! Very interesting stuff on the walls.  Great live music several nights a week, too!

Talkeetna Ranger Station · Free slide shows and interactive presentations.  Schedules are posted at Ranger Station and on the Post Office bulletin board!

Talkeetna Roadhouse Winter Events - Beginning in mid-October and stretching through the end of April, the Roadhouse hosts various slide shows, music jams, and other events, either for free or a "suggested donation".  Owner Trisha Costello makes you feel at home in this living-room atmosphere, with coffee, pastries, wine, and beer available during the shows.  If you'd like to know what's going on when, sign up for their mailing list by emailing them at trisha@talkeetnaroadhouse.com .
KTNA 88.9 FM - the local public radio station, broadcasting National Public Radio shows and local programs, too. Stop in and say hello or become a member and get a coffee mug or t-shirt.


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